Category: Motherhood

  • Making Memories

    We go to the beach with nothing more than a towel, a bottle of water and a bag for seashells. No phones, no camera. No umbrella, chairs, cooler or sunscreen. We did a full on beach day like that a couple of days before and within 2 hours, the kids were ready to leave. What…

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  • What Owns Me

    I bend down and attach the leash to her halter. Her whole body wags in anticipation and she looks up at me with chocolate eyes, her fluffy ears cocked. Unlatch the gate and we’re off. Where will we go? This is not a charming neighborhood. These are small, mid-century, single level homes. You are more likely to…

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  • Some Things My Kids Taught Me This Week

    In our part of the country we’ve already been on summer vacation for a month so while some of you are just getting started, I’m already knee deep in “I’m bored.” And it’s been really hot here – like 110 degrees – so most days we’re just trying to not combust. My kids are 5…

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  • Husband

    My husband is a really private man, which is why I don’t write about him much. He’s my biggest fan and supporter but it hasn’t always been easy for him to watch me blog so openly about my experiences. It goes against his private nature. I’ve had countless people tell me that they think I’m…

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  • A Recovery Story on The Sisterwives Today

    I’m a big fan of The Sisterwives and am always floored by the courage and fearlessness of the people who share their stories there. Now it’s my turn and I’m both excited and a little nervous. I keep thinking… I needed to share this. What the hell am I doing? There are too many details.…

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  • Being Here

    There’s a line I read in a Liane Moriarty book where the character is looking around a cafe and thinking, If only I were here, which is odd because she actually is there. It’s a feeling I instantly related to because I’ve often had a sense of being disconnected, as if I’m observing my life…

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  • Free Range Survivor: How a Survivor of Abuse Doesn’t Freak the F Out Raising Kids

    Dealing with sick kids for the last few weeks was exhausting but I did manage to read a very interesting book while I nursed my ungrateful, germy children back to health. It’s called Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry) by Lenore Skenazy. Skenazy became the poster child for…

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  • A Sick Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time, a couple in their late 30s cuddled on their king size bed anticipating the upcoming birth of their son. They also anticipated the arrival of their new pillow top, memory foam mattress that would finally allow the mom-to-be a good night’s rest. In all their wisdom (they weren’t spring chickens, after all)…

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  • Bring What I Am Able #1000speak

    Back in January, a friend told me about a budding movement of bloggers who wanted to spread compassion by getting 1000 people to write about it on the same day. It’s called 1000 Voices for Compassion and the day is here (read all the posts here). I’ve had over a month to come up with…

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  • Midlife Defiance

    “Are you tired? You look tired.” I absolutely HATE when people say that to me. If I’ve ever told you that, I’m sorry. “No, this is just my face,” I reply.

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